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✓ We specialise in processing all types of Chinese visas: business(M), tourist/cruise(L), family(Q), work(Z), F, S etc.

✓ We are an established VAT-registered agency with over 40,000 satisfied individual & corporate clients since 2008.

✓ All residents of the United Kingdom (including London, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) are welcome.

✓ All payment methods accepted: credit/debit cards including AmEx, postal orders, online transfers, BACS or cash.

✓ We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal data to administer your account and to provide the service you have requested from us.


(Our all-inclusive prices include the actual visa ready for your travels, all visa centre and embassy fees, our processing fees, and the VAT).

If you are under 14 / over 70 you do not need to submit your fingerprints, you can apply by post:

• CHINESE VISA, 5 WORKING DAYS PROCESSING - £220.00 (Incl. VAT) - (for under 14's / over 70's whose visas can be processed by post).

• CHINESE VISA, 2 WORKING DAYS PROCESSING - £290.00 (Incl. VAT) - (for under 14's / over 70's whose visas can be processed by post).

If you are aged 14 -70 you are required to attend in person for submitting your fingerprints; the prices below apply to this service:



IMPORTANT: All processing times start from the time of submission of your application/fingerprints to the Chinese consulate, include working days only and do not include postage/delivery time. For example, if a Fast Track 48 hours application is submitted to the Chinese consulate on Monday morning, your visa will be ready on Wednesday morning, an application submitted on Tuesday will have the visa issued on Thursday and so on. NB: Your original passport will be kept by the Chinese consulate for the whole duration of the visa processing.

IMPORTANT: As of 25th March 2019, the Chinese Consulates in the U.K. will accept applications for 5-year multiple entry visas from British citizens who are going to visit China for the purposes of business activities (M visa), tourism (L visa), short-term family visits (Q2 Visa), short-term personal affairs (S2 Visa), if they meet one of the following requirements: 1. If the applicant has been granted two or more 2-year multiple entry visas by the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in the U.K. 2. If the applicant has been granted one multiple entry visa valid for two or more years by the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in the U.K., and visited China at least three times each year during the past two years. Visa fees for a 5-year multiple entry visa are £100 extra in addition to visa fees above.


Step 1: Please Read Carefully Before Making Your Application:

• In November 2018 the Chinese government introduced mandatory fingerprinting for ALL visa applicants aged 14 - 70. You can submit your fingerprints by pre-arranged appointment in London, Manchester, Belfast or Edinburgh from Monday to Friday, 9 am - 1 pm. Prior to your visit, we will assist you in preparing your visa application documents to ensure that your visa application goes as smoothly as possible. If your paperwork is incorrect or incomplete, we will work with you to rectify it as much as practically possible (this usually involves correcting the forms, reprinting them, producing a new passport photo etc.). Once your application documents are complete, we will make an appointment for your fingerprinting. One of our staff will accompany you throughout the process. Once the visa is issued we will collect it and send it to you through the courier of your choice or the post.

• In accordance with the reciprocal agreement between China and the UK, all tourist / business visas issued to UK nationals have 2-years & multiple-entry validity (for stays of up to 90 days at each entry / 180 days in any 12 months). Single/double-entry visas are now only issued for academic/sporting/cultural visits, in exceptional cases, and to non-UK nationals.

• If you were born outside the UK, EU, USA, Canada, South Africa, South America, Russia, India, Australia, or NZ please contact us before applying. If you hold a NON-UK or a NON-EU passport, you must provide a photocopy of your long-term UK visa or a photocopy of your UK residence permit.

• Any applicant under the age of 18 must provide the original of their birth certificate and copies of both parents passports. • Any children under the age of 18 not applying with a parent must have written permission/consent for their travel from both parents.

• Please bear in mind that the Chinese Consulate does not refund the fees should you cancel or change your application or trip details. Therefore, please make sure that the type and the validity dates of the visa you request will cover your trip. Please also note that the Chinese consulate will keep your personal documents including your passport and any supporting documents for the duration of the visa processing as required by the consulate. Please note that the Chinese Consulate may invite any applicant for an interview although this is extremely rare.

• If you have previously held a Chinese passport and this is your first ever Chinese visa application, please contact us before sending us your application documents. Visa applications for children born from the Chinese parents tend to take longer and are quite time-consuming, please take this into consideration when applying for the visa. If you have previously held a Chinese passport and this is your first ever Chinese visa application, you will need to send us your Chinese passport, it will be cancelled by the consulate.

• Anyone whose occupation is ‘journalist’ or in the media should contact the Chinese Consulate directly regarding their application. We are unable to process your application if you are planning on travelling to Tibet and/or Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. We are unable to process your application if you have a criminal conviction and/or had visa refusals in the past.

• If you are applying on a basis of your family member inviting you to China, you will need to produce original proof of your relationship to the inviter (for example, marriage certificate, birth certificate etc).

• Additional documents required for Z visas (paid work visas), Q1 (Chinese family members visa for over 180 days stay, original document proving the relationship to the applicant is required + the letter of invitation from a Chinese citizen), S1 (foreign family members visa for over 180 days stay, original document proving the relationship to the applicant is required + the letter of invitation from the inviter + the Inviter's residence permit/passport copy), X1 (study visas for over 180 days stay, original and a photocopy of the admissions notice + JW202 form).

• Please note that we are not affiliated with the Chinese governmental bodies - the acceptance of your visa application, the granting of the visa, its processing time, the type and the terms are always at the sole discretion of the Chinese Consulate. A visa of reduced validity may be provided to cover the necessary time in China, at the consulates discretion and depending on supporting documents provided on application.

Step 2: Complete and email us the following items:

1. The Chinese embassy visa form
- launches in a new browser tab. Please complete this form to the best of your knowledge. Once completed, please download it as a .pdf file (usually you will end up with 9-10 pages in total). This form is created and hosted by the Chinese government and may be difficult to complete. If you struggle with it, please let us know, we can complete it for you for a fee of £80.

  • 2. Chinese Visa Order Form.
  • This is a short form for us, it can be completed by hand or by typing. Your personal data will not be passed to any third parties except where it is required for the visa processing purposes (lodging your application documents on your behalf to the Chinese visa centre / the Chinese embassy).

    3. • FOR BUSINESS VISAS: Letter of invitation, this has to be a letter from a Chinese company/organisation with the company stamp and the inviter's signature.

    • FOR TOURIST (L) VISAS - 1) If you are staying in hotels or airbnb, you need to provide a copy of your inbound / outbound flights and accommodation bookings with your name shown on them. 2) If you are staying in private accommodation, you need to provide a letter of invitation from your host in China (this should be a signed letter from a resident in China and can be a scanned copy sent by email). The invitation should contain: Your full name, gender, date of birth, intended entry/exit dates to/from China. Your purpose of visit and intended destinations in China, means of financial support while in China, for example "myself", "my company" etc. Your relationship to the inviter, the inviter's full name, passport or ID number, address and telephone number. A copy of both sides of your inviter's Chinese ID card (if the inviter is a Chinese citizen), and a copy of your inviter's passport and Chinese residence permit (if the inviter is not a Chinese citizen). If you are providing a letter of invitation, you do not have to send us your flight/accommodation booking.

    • For work (Z) visas, - a copy of the work permit from your Chinese employer. The earliest you can apply for a Z visa is 3 months prior to your entry to China.

    Step 3: Please make sure that you also prepare the following items:

    • PASSPORT and a photocopy of your passport's information page. The passport must have at least two blank pages and be valid.

    • PRE-PAID SPECIAL DELIVERY return addressed envelope available from the post office. NB: Pre-franked and pre-dated envelopes are not accepted by the Post Office on return.

    Step 4: Make payment.

    Payment should be made by the time we receive your application by email as we start working on it immediately. Payment can be made by postal order made payable to Travel Direct (UK) Ltd., by a bank transfer, or on-line (below). When paying on-line using your bank card please state your payment transaction ID on the "Chinese Visa Order form" (you will receive the Worldpay transaction ID by email after completing the payment) . When paying by a bank transfer (including the internet banking transfers and BACS payments) please state the applicant's surname as reference.


    Travel Direct UK ltd. Sortcode: 801120. Account: 06030445. SWIFT CODE/BIC: BOFSGB21002. IBAN: GB33 BOFS 80112006030445.

    ON-LINE PAYMENT LINKS FOR PAYING BY DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS - please click on the type of visa required:

    Chinese Visa (for under 14's and over 70's only), 5 working days processing £220.00

    Chinese Visa (for under 14's and over 70's only), 2 working days processing £290.00

    Chinese Visa, 4 working days processing £250.00

    Chinese Visa, 48 hours processing £350.00

    If you require a detailed VAT receipt/invoice please contact us.

    Step 5: At this stage we will contact you by phone or by email to arrange an appointment for your bio-metrics (fingerprints) to be taken.

    At the visa office, one of our staff will accompany you throughout the process.


    • IF YOU ARE MAKING A POSTAL APPLICATION (for under 14s / over 70s y.o.), make sure all is ready and completed above then send your application to...

  • Travel Direct (UK) Ltd
  • CBC House
  • 24 Canning street
  • Edinburgh
  • EH3 8EG

  • • IF YOU ARE MAKING AN APPLICATION WHICH REQUIRES YOUR PERSONAL PRESENCE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR FINGERPRINTS (for 14 - 70 y.o.) - after visiting one of the visa offices for submitting your application and the bio-metrics (fingerprints), the Chinese embassy will need 2-4 working days to issue your visa. Once the visa is issued, we will collect it and send it to you by post or a courier of your choice.