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We can provide a service for certifying such documents as birth certificates, marriage certificates, contracts and other official documents with the Russian and the Chinese Consulates. We can also provide a translation service for documents that are required to be translated to and from Russian.

Translations for other languages apart from English are available too upon request please contact us for further information and we will see what we can do for you.

Full Translations

We offer a standard, non-rush translation service (deadlines negotiated by agreement) for documents of any length.

A 24 hour service is also available for rush jobs. We will return your translation to you via e-mail or fax within 24 hours of use receiving the job from you. Our promise to you is that we will not invoice you for the translation if we do not return the finished (completely word processed and proof-read) translation within this deadline. (Maximum document length 500 words – Russian only)

Please e-mail us for a quotation including information such as:

  • > Urgency of required translation
  • > Number of words (approx)
  • > Type of document
  • > What format would you like the finished translation to be
  • > Any other information which is appropriate
  • E-mail us on:

    Translation - Terms and Conditions

    1) Travel Direct (UK) Ltd will entertain no claims arising from mis-translation. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure full cover is taken where appropriate or necessary. Permission to use copyright material should be sought in advance by the customer and written proof of this permission should be made available to Travel Direct (UK) Ltd.

    2) Travel Direct (UK) Ltd reserves the right to refuse any translation request. Travel Direct (UK) Ltd will not accept a translation assignment unless it believes that the translation can at that time be carried out to a suitable professional standard. A summary of the translator's qualifications can be obtained by written request.

    3) Travel Direct (UK) Ltd will not invoice the customer if a translation is not delivered by the agreed deadline, except where the delay is caused by circumstances beyond Travel Direct (UK) Ltd’s control.

    4) The customer will be invoiced upon delivery of the translation, which is to be paid within 14 days (applicable in the UK only Travel Direct (UK) Ltd may ask for a credit card number for security. For non-UK clients, we require payment to be cleared through our bank account before work can commence. If the customer believes the translation to be sub-standard, Travel Direct (UK) Ltd will endeavour to resolve the situation, firstly by re-commissioning the translation at no extra cost to the customer, and if satisfaction is still not achieved will offer the client a suitable level of reimbursement.